Company Name:
Blue Corona
Position Type:
We are looking for an
Entry Level Webmaster
to maintain existing client websites and ensure all support requests are managed in a timely manner. Candidates will be expected communicate directly with Clients with a high level of proficiency. Strong skills with prioritizing tasks, communicating deadlines and juggling multiple projects in a fast paced environment are a must.
Primary Responsibilities
o Maintain website content and make basic, routine updates
o Regulate and manage access rights of different users on websites
o Respond to high volumes of support requests via phone and email
o Coordinate with designers and developers for more involved website changes
o Create detailed coding instructions for developers
o Perform cross browser testing
o Provide time estimates for project deliverables and adhere to deadlines
Strong candidates should possess:
o A bachelor's degree in a related field
o Excellent communication skills--both written and verbal
o A passion for online marketing, the web, new media, social networking, etc.
o 1-3 Years experience working on and coding html/CSS based web pages
o Basic understanding of WordPress
o Basic understanding of SEO / Online Marketing
Accept this challenge and your dry cleaner will suffer--our office dress code is casual, and we try

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